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(( First off, I’d like to thank everyone that helped me out earlier. The words of encouragement, donations and reblogs kept me with a roof over my head and ownership of my precious cats for another month.  Second I’m trying to make this blog active again but I seem to be suffering some art block. I will be answering a lot of stock piled questions with pencil sketches and text replies until I get my drawing muse back. My apologies to anyone that doesn’t get a cute comic for their question, I’m only human and there are a lot of questions.))

"A question, Honored? Is there a special symbolism with the rose motif on your clothing?"

Kasen crossed her arms. She looked around to make sure no other prying ears were listening. “I suppose since I already told you my secret I can answer, but don’t go printing this. Each of the oni of Mt. Ooe had a nickname, mine was the thorn castle kid or Ibaraki Doji. Hence my thorny rose motif. Suika was Shuten Doji, the sake drinking kid, Yuugi was Hoshikuma Doji the star bear kid, and then there was Torakuma Doji the tiger bear kid and finally there was Kanakuma Doji the golden bear kid.  Suika led us with me as her lieutenant. The five of us marched on Kyoto and caused quite the rampage..” She smiled remembering it. 

(PS: I’ve been doing research :P )

Please Read

Alright, I really don’t know how to say this other than straight out. I need help.

For those who don’t know I’ve been in a rough time lately, a very rough time. About last October I slipped into some severe clinical depression. It got bad enough that I was removed from my home by the police and put in the hospital on suicide watch. If not for my friend calling the police from Canada I might not be around today. 

I was forced to drop out of the quarter and told to take winter quarter off to recuperate for medical reasons. I’m finally getting better, but you can’t cry in a corner and ignore your problems without them piling up. I’ve been trying to find work but there has been no luck yet and my savings have run out. Medical bills from my forced rescue fill my mail box daily. My rent is due and I cannot pay it. I may get kicked out soon and have to put my cats, the only things that keep me sane, up for adoption or into a shelter. 

I know times are tough on everyone, and this is primarily my fault but.. I’m at the end of my rope and don’t know where to turn. I need help. 

I’m trying to raise money.. either through charity or through donation based commissions. Please.. anything anyone can donate will help get me closer to not getting kicked out. If you just want to throw money my way that’s great. If you want me to pay it back I will give you a signed IOU but I’m not sure how long until I can pay back anything. If you want a commission for a donation send me any amount and I will draw or digitally paint anything you wish. The key thing is I need the money now, before the late fee on my rent gets too high to pay.

You can donate it easily through a paypal payment to 

Please I beg of you all, please help. I’ve never been so ashamed of myself in my life, I’ve never had to ask for charity or help before. I’m a good worker, I’m not lazy, I’m just in a tough time for medical reasons. 

Thank you.

Never successfully…

Never successfully…

And this always happens


Uhm, ok… Sorry ! 


Really.. what a laid back additude..

RP now avilable!

I kinda wanted to get into the text RP Ive seen going around. If you wanna RP with me send it my way~

-a simple humble hermit-


And nobody ate dinner that night..

Drinking on an empty stomach is bad for you Yuugi. *lecture to follow*